• The adventures and misadventures of a graphic designer, artist, and budding witch currently causing shenanigans somewhere in Canada.
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Hey there.

Neglected blog has been neglected. I’ve has some big changes over the past few months in my life. My grandmother passed on, I lost one job and found another, and moved to a new city where I live with my Viking. I’ve stopped trying to have a Paleo diet pretty much. Cutting out food groups … Continue reading

I’m still here…

Haven’t posted on here in forever. Hoping soon I have time for rambling.

Operation: BAMF

So work has been super busy. hence why I’ve been very quiet. Also been focusing on self improvement with diet and exercise. I’ve always been close to the Morrighan despite the lack of formal dedication. I think she’s the type of deity where she wants you to prove yourself. Hence the changes. I’m also doing … Continue reading


  I have so many things to do today, and have been busy with a lot of mundane things lately. It feels very often that I get stretched thin and don’t have time for myself or certain things that are important to me. I have a full time job that lately has had a lot … Continue reading

Birthday rambling

    Quite excited for my birthday Friday the 27th. Though I’m more excited to see my Viking the next day on Saturday (Birthday coitus? Oh yes). Until then I intend to feast and celebrate like a proper heathen. I did miss Mabon. I look after my grandmother every weekend and I was down with … Continue reading

Oh hello there

Invocation to Matka Ziema, made with a jar of hemp oil East – “Mother Earth, subdue every evil and unclean being so that he may not cast a spell on us nor do us any harm.” West – “Mother Earth, engulf the unclean power in thy boiling pits, and in thy burning fires.” South – … Continue reading


Finally after getting some sleep last night I’m now much safer to be out amongst other humans. Also calling my Viking and making plans together helped a lot. He’s a good man. I’ll be very happy to see him for my birthday weekend. Not really sure what to write today. I’ve been reading the Peter … Continue reading


I have been full of rage since about 12 AM. Though now it’s starting to fade after ingesting some caffeine. I’ve been awake all night due to reasons I won’t go into on here. That combined with a lack of sleep have not made me the happiest person this morning. Also hormones. I’m just a … Continue reading


I start vacation tomorrow and couldn’t be more excited. There’s a metaphysical/pagan bookstore i can’t wait to hit along with other fun shenanigans with my Viking. we plan on escaping to the Windmills near where he lives to look at the stars, and get up to some witchcraft. I was thinking yesterday and today somewhat … Continue reading

Sea Witch Shenanigans

So I’ve grown up in New Brunswick, Canada all my life and it’s obviously effected how I feel as a pagan and how I work as a ‘Witch’ (I use that term loosely, I’m by no means initiated by spirit or a lineage tradition. The initiation by spirit and the gods I’m working on. Also … Continue reading